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Choosing us as your siding contractors will be one of your best ideas. We have been siding homes across Connecticut for a long time. We have all the experience to make your home not only look great but be protected from outside elements, that will save you money in the process. We provide residential and commercial siding installation and repair, our ultimate goal is to make your home look amazing. We use the best quality brands and material and we offer a variety of siding options for your home or even your office. We understand you want to preserve the outside of your home and we can do that while improving the aesthetics. We will be with you 100% of the way. We will help you choose the siding, insulation, and trim details that will make your home look the best and perform the best. Painting your house yearly can get expensive and is a pain to have to do. Not only that but not all paints are foolproof and you might end up with a bigger mess than what you started with. Painting your home yourself may cause moisture to leak into the walls of your home. This will inadvertently increase the risk of structural decay. Don’t make a mistake by choosing to do this just to save some money and let us help you out.
Eastern Connecticut Builders offers consultations and our professionals will help you figure out what siding problems you may have and what steps we will take to fix it for you. Eastern Connecticut Builders. located in Lebanon CT is your premier local Home Improvement company.We are dedicated to make sure we provide quality work on all of our Home Improvement, Roofing, New Additions, Siding, Decks, Windows, Garages, Kitchens, Bathrooms and Flooring jobs with excellence craftsmanship. At Eastern Connecticut Builders we have over 40 years of combined residential home improvement experience. This should help reassurance that when you decide to have us work on your home your getting experienced craftsmanship. At Eastern Connecticut Builders we make sure that the owner present every job site no matter how big or how making sure that the job is perfect. We are fully Licensed and Insured and for your homes safety even through we have never needed to make claim.




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Siding Contractors – Colchester CT